FREE NHS Contraception Supply Service

Citywide Health are now able to supply oral contraceptives without the need for a GP appointment

Our expert pharmacists are now able to supply oral contraception to eligible patients without the need to see the GP. This includes both combined oral contraception (COC) and the progesterone only pill (POP or the ‘mini pill’). This is a NHS service, and there is no charge to patients.  

Those who are able to access the service are as follows: 

1)For combined oral contraception, any woman who has started their periods up to and including those who are 49 years of age.

2)For the progesterone only pill, any woman who has started their periods up to and including those who are 54 years of age. 

Patients who may benefit from this service are those who are: 

1)Starting oral contraception for the first time. 

2)Re-starting oral contraception after a pill free break. 

3)Wanting to continue with oral contraception without needing to see the GP. 

All who access the service would require a clinical assessment with a trained pharmacist, which may include a height / weight measurement and a blood pressure check. Patients aged under 16 would need to be assessed as competent to understand and consent to the service by the pharmacist on duty. Please book an appointment below. 

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What our customers say...

We love to get feedback from our customers, whether it be recognising the hard work of our pharmacy teams, hearing about the little things that made a difference to your experience, or even comments or concerns that might help us improve - all is welcome! If you would like to leave us some feedback, please contact us here

Judith Hoyle

Haxby Pharmacy Customer

I want to say how impressed I’ve been today with the service I’ve had at Haxby Pharmacy. I called in this morning for advice as I’ve just become unwell and I’m leaving first thing tomorrow on a trip to Lebanon. The pharmacist helped me to arrange an appointment with the local GP, as she suspected I needed antibiotics. I was able to pick up a prescription at the same pharmacy by no later than 3pm that day. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant and helpful and a credit to the pharmacy.

Jenny & Jim Lambert

Poppleton Pharmacy Customer

My husband had a large blister on his knee after a carpet burn. The pharmacist not only gave us reassuring advice, but told us how to treat it with the dressings she gave us by doing the first one for us. A week later, at another visit, she told us and showed us how to carry on with the care, saying how well it was doing. Care and advice like this would be almost impossible to obtain at the moment. We are very lucky to have such a friendly, expert pharmacist, willing to help so readily in our village. All the staff are helpful and friendly too.


Huntington Pharmacy Customer

I cannot thank Huntington Pharmacy enough for their excellent service. They managed to source some emergency supplies of tablets for my mum, which have been discontinued for the next three months. Without these tablets, my parents wouldn’t have been able to travel on their holiday and my mum would have been very poorly. The member of staff who was helping us managed to rectify this, overnight, which is just amazing. He went above and beyond to sort this out and we are so grateful, we cannot thank him enough.

David Finch

Fulford Pharmacy Customer

The staff in the pharmacy are fantastic. I suffer from migraines and the staff are always really helpful for medications and advice. If you live in Fulford, I urge you to use this pharmacy, I would recommend it to anyone.

Susan Richardson

Tower Court Pharmacy Customer

Wow, how kind, caring and helpful are the pharmacist and the staff? The care and help I have been given with dealing with my medication has been outstanding. Sometimes in life you are extremely lucky - I am that person. I couldn't wish for better help and support from you all. Thank you so very much.

John Fletcher

Water End Pharmacy Customer

I've been going to this chemist for twenty years and the staff are fantastic - polite, helpful and happy to help you with whatever you need. I highly recommend this chemist.

Rob Pickersgill

Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy Customer

Excellent help when I needed an emergency supply of medication. Visiting York for the weekend and left my pills at home in Cheshire! Josh and the staff got on the phone to my GP and had me a supply in 15 minutes. I can't thank them enough!